Gift and Loyalty Server System Description

To serve your customers in the way that you want, Prairie Trail Software, Inc. offers custom systems based on this gift and loyalty server.
We will host your establishment on this server, set up a dedicated server for you, or provide a custom version with the features that you want.

Gift Card Processing

Nearly every one knows what a gift card is. The merchant sells a card to a customer who then gives it to someone else. That someone else can bring the card back and use the value to buy goods or services.

Merchants can:
   Sell a card
   Redeem value from that card
   Return items to the card
   Top Up / Add value to the card
   Check the balance on the card
   Void the last transaction

This server offers that with some options:

If the merchant is part of a chain, then the card can be used at any merchant in that chain.

Likewise, a group of merchants such as a shopping mall may band together and have a mutual card. Value can be put on the card at any merchant in the group and then used anywhere in the group.

Cardholders are able to register on the system and see their card balance and their transaction history. As we want this to be a help to your business, we would like the cardholder screens to be part of your web site. We can work with your technical staff to merge those screens into your web site.

Loyalty Processing

Loyalty is a more complex function. With loyalty, the merchant hands out the cards to customers and asks that they bring them back. The customer has the opportunity to register the card with their phone number and can then use the phone number to register a sale when they forget to bring the card in.

In order to provide incentive to the customer to allow this tracking, the merchant can offer rewards or prizes to the customers. A reward is something that the customer earns for purchasing so much or visiting so many times. A prize is something that can be given out "at random" to customers or to surprise the nth customer. You, the merchant, can select what the rewards or prizes are and at what level to award them.

Once you have some customers using the cards, you can rank the customers based on their purchase and visit histories. That gives you the capability to manage what they get back. You can also look at the results of a marketing campaign to see what worked and didn't.

The loyalty sale is able to capture the ID of any coupon used and stores that in the database.

If the merchant is part of a chain, they can accept the chain's cards, but have their own loyalty system.

Of course, there are daily reports to the merchant and can be run by clerk or be establishement. That also means that the merchant can manage the clerks on the system.

Database Marketing

When moving beyond the simple loyalty programs, a big part of the value consists in being able to target marketing efforts at specific customers. We offer two different levels of database marketing analysys. The first way is to rank the customers by sales volume. With that is the ability to compare the customer's activity between two time periods to see if they have responded to a marketing effort.

The second way is to do what is called RFM or Recency/Frequency/Monetary analysis. In this second way, your customers can be organized into many different slots based on different values of their activity. You can then select out specific groupings of customers to send offers to and track whether or not they responded to that offer.

Common Elements

The system has a number of administration functions to manage all the chains, merchants, merchant groups, and the cards.


Security is an important aspect of any system. This system was designed around the PCI standards for credit card processing. The card numbers are encrypted before going into the database and there is no way to unencrypt those cards. We encrypt much of the card holder information so that user privacy is preserved. All inputs to the system are verified character by character for appropriateness and for length. Of course, merchant billing information is encrypted.

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